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  • 8 warning signs for your spine

    1 August at 13:41 from atlas

    Our spinal health can be equated to other areas of our health, such as our dental health, or cardiovascular health. How? you may ask. One of the major defining factors is that when pain comes on, it's too late.

    For instance, with your teeth, when you have a tooth ache the cavity has already formed and eaten through the enamel and is irritating the nerve. Same with cardiovascular health, when pain comes on, the arteries are already blocked. Both these are scenarios which involve a slow but steady decline in the health of the associated tissues.

    The spine is the same, however we probably don't look after it as much as we should. In Australia, 80% of people will experience spinal pain...a figure that is far too high considering that pain is the end stage of the deterioration of spinal function and health.

    Below are 8 signs and symptoms that should be seen as a warning sign that your spinal health isn't doing well; just as much as tightness in the chest for your heart.

    1. Posture imbalance
    2. Muscle spasms around the spine
    3. Decreased movement and flexibility
    4. Joint pain
    5. Stiffness
    6. Low energy levels
    7. Disorientation/feeling off balance
    8. Headaches

    If you experience any of these, it is well worth having a spinal assessment conducted by a professional in this area, such as your local chiropractor.

    For more information, please visit www.chwc.com.au or have a spinal check up at the Mudgee Chiropractic practice.


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