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  • Alarming study reveals dangers of prolonged sitting

    7 May at 12:04 from atlas

    The Chiropractors Association of Australia has taken the opportunity during Spinal Health week (21st - 27th May 2012) to promote the health facts associated with our love for sitting down.

    Interestingly, there are some alarming studies that show the detrimental impact the our love for the humble chair has on our spine and overall health. With more than half our day sitting, it's important to know how such a basic function can have such a significant impact on your health.

    Spinal Health facts!

    Prolonged sitting damages your spinal health

    - increased stress on the discs between the vertebra

    - reduced function of the spine

    - increased inflammation, leading to pain and early degeneration of the spine

    Proponged sitting alters the shape and function of your body

    - body slows down its processing of fats

    - legs and bottom muscles weaken

    - increased risk of developing chronic diseases even when meeting recommended physical activity levels

    Prolonged sitting increases risks of disease

    - every hour increases the risk by 11%

    - desk jobs may double your risk of bowel cancer

    - sitting too much can shave a few years off your life

    For more information and references visit the Chiropractors Association of Australia's Sit Right page http://goo.gl/143xk

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